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Good Life Pet Sitting believes in honesty and integrity. We have an impeccable record within the pet care industry. We have numerous recommendations from clients and friends who have experienced our exceptional care. While away, you will be stress-free knowing that your pet is stress-free because we will be providing the best of care!

Good Life Pet Sitting is insured for the protection of our clients. We pride ourselves in protecting your interests as pet owners and our interest as pet providers. We are required to maintain policies and procedures that protect both our company from liability and protect you as a pet owner. Please review the following. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Dogs and cats require proof of current vaccinations: Rabies, DHLP-P, Parvo and Bordetalla.

We do not care for any animal that must be fed another animal to survive- unless that animal survives on insects that you provide.

We must be made aware of any behavioral issues such as aggressiveness, attack personality, and triggers that your pet may have. We DO NOT except assignments for such animals.


Pets can be expected to do the unexpected. We have never lost a pet and we never want to! Please provide all of your pets with a fluorescent collar with a contact tag just in case they escape into the wild and do not return while in our care. Some pets look for an escape route as we enter or exit your home. We cannot be held responsible for any animal that runs past our provider. We will do everything within our power to protect your pet's escape; however, if it happens- we can only notify you of the escape.


We work seven days a week. To check availability, please call or message us to reserve your service day/days. Meet and greets are free-schedule one today! 

We make our first stops beginning at 6 AM. We continue to make trips to your home based on our agreement for services. We attempt to make each trip within 30 minutes of your requested daily schedule. Usually we finish all of our daily trips no later than 9 PM. You may desire 24 hour care or you may need someone to stay until certain time and return for trips during the day. We do not make trips before 6 AM and after 9 PM (unless we have agreed to a special arrangement prior to our first day of service). Each trip is included in the prepay that is required prior to service. 


All dogs will be leashed during outdoor walks. Dogs will only be unleashed with your permission and only within a fully enclosed space such as a within a fenced yard. 

Owners are responsible to ensure that all gates are locked and all fencing and gates are pet proof.

If you have a security company that provides us access into your neighborhood, please notify them of our arrival and intent to enter your neighborhood and home to care for your pet. If you have an HOA, please provide them with gate codes.

Keys will be collected on our initial visit for 'in-home care'. Please have an extra key located around your property in a safe location in case of a lost key, or broken key/door. If we are unable to enter into your home, we will call a reputable locksmith to allow us to enter your home to ensure your pet's well-being. The cost of such entry will be added to your fees of service. If you request that we return a key to your residence, we will charge an additional fee based on time and mileage (generally $10). If you like our services, we recommend that you entrust us to keep your key for further visits. 


Security alarms should have a registered alarm permit with the city. We need to be aware of all codes and ask that your home be well-lighted so that our providers can see the alarm clearly. We will provide you with a home security form that you must fill out and sign. It will allow us to show signed approval for us to enter into your home if an alarm accidentally goes off. This happens occasionally and sometimes we are unable to reach the homeowner. Good Life Pet Sitting is not responsible for any fees or charges given by any local agency for responding to false alarms.


We will provide you with a Transfer of Medical Responsibility Form to fill out. This will give Good Life Pet Sitting approval to make medical decisions pertaining to your pet's health. This form also gives approval for the veterinary of your choice to aid in the decision to euthanize your pet in the event of a severe emergency.

We will also provide you with an Emergency Contact Form to fill out. We ask that you provide us information that we might need to protect your pet in your absence, such as: your veterinary phone numbers, emergency vet numbers, neighbors to call, repair people, locksmith, etc. 

For safety reasons Good Life Pet Sitting will not share liability with anyone else while we are caring for your pet. This means Good Life Pet Sitting will be the only ones caring for your pet while you are away, and we will be the only ones to enter your home in your absence. Please communicate with us prior to our assignment if something changes or if someone is expected to arrive to your home unannounced.  


Good Life Pet Sitting cannot accept responsibility or be liable for animal behavior- normal or otherwise. We are not responsible for injury to the client's pet, injury to other animals, or damages to property. In addition, if one of our providers is harmed or injured by a pet, the owner fully liable for all costs related to the injury, such as medical expenses. 




We intend to follow your 'house rules' when we enter and exit your home. We intend to leave your home as clean as we found it. We are responsible for cleanup of your pet's of bodily functions while your pet is physically in our care. Please provide paper towels, cleaning solution, mop, etc. for light cleanups. We will leave your home clean; however, once we leave, we cannot be held responsible for pet messes or mishaps. We are also not responsible for messes created by weather conditions (like mud and debris being tracked inside during rainy weather).

Our visits include special services at no additional cost to you. These include watering plants, and retrieving your mail and newspapers. Extra services may be requested but may require extra fees. 


We accept checks, cash and Venmo.

Pricing varies with each pet and circumstance. The cost is based on factors such as: number of pets, and type of pet. Cost is also based on the needs of your pet such as: number of stop-by visits, type of hospice care, cleanup required (like pee pads), medications, etc.

We will provide receipts for any purchases that are needed in your absence such as pet food or sanitary items for the health and well-being of your pet. A trip charge may be added (generally around $20) for these purchases.



We appreciate a 72 hour notice as we have reserved this time for you.

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