No appointment can be made without payment. All appointments must be prepaid 30 days prior to the first service date. We accept checks, cash and credit cards. To pay by credit card we will send you an invoice via email to pay online or we can take payment information over the phone or in- person. Prompt payment is required to set your appointment.

Pricing varies with each pet and circumstance. The cost is based on factors such as: number of pets, and type of pet, and mileage. Cost is also based on the needs of your pet such as: number of stop-by visits, number of overnight stays, type of hospice care, cleanup required (like pee pads), medications, injections, and other things. 

Generally we DO NOT accept late payments since appointments are prepaid prior to service. If you decide to extend your trip or request extra services, we require that you pay by credit card immediately after the additional service(s) are requested and approved. In some cases we may allow payment upon your return. In such a case we reserve the right to charge a 5% late fee if not paid within three days of service.

We will provide receipts for any purchases that are needed in your absence such as pet food or sanitary items for the health and well-being of your pet. A trip charge may be added to your invoice (generally around $10) for these purchases.



If a pet owner books with Good Life Pet Sitting and cancels at least 30 days before the first booked service day there will be no penalty to the pet owner and a full refund will be given. 

All services must be paid in-full at least 30 days prior to the scheduled service or you will lose the guarantee of the scheduled service. Any services that we accept within 30 days of your requested service date must be paid immediately with no refunds given for any reason.

We cannot issue refunds or credits for unused visits due to early returns or last-minute changes to pet care services. 


Monique's motto is "NO BIRTH IS THE FIRST STEP TO NO KILL". For over 35 years, Monique has rescued dogs and other animals that were in abused and neglected situations. She nurtures them back to health, has them spayed or neutered, then finds them their forever home. Monique also volunteers her time to help stray cats! She traps them, takes them in to get spayed or neutered, then returns them back so that they can no longer reproduce. 

Monique covers the costs of the traps, food, and the price of the procedure on each cat. If you would like to help our local feral cat population please donate today! Anything helps!

Thank You!

  • Traps: $100 each

  • Spay/Neuter: $20-100 each cat

  • Food: $80/month

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